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Building Charts from Powershell

Chad Callihan builds a chart:

There are plenty of ways to visualize data. There’s PowerBI, Tableu, and a plethora of other options. What about taking the results of a SQL query and creating a graph in PowerShell? Probably not ideal, but is it possible? Let’s see what this might look like.

The thought occurred to me more out of curiosity than it being something I’d use. Admittedly, I’m not proficient enough in PowerShell to quickly build something from scratch. To get an idea of how it might look, I took this as an opportunity to outsource most of the work to Microsoft Copilot to see if I would get anything useful.

If you want to get fancy, I’d recommend Plotly, which has support for the best .NET language (F#) and you can also use it with those other .NET languages (C#, Powershell). There’s no explicit quickstart for Powershell but you can Powershell-itize the C# code pretty easily.