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Day: May 15, 2024

Gradient Boosting for Classification

I have a new video:

In this video, I take a look at an alternative to bootstrap aggregation & random forest: boosting. We cover a brief history of boosting and see how it works in action with XGBoost and LightGBM.

This is probably the video with the single largest number of links in my show notes. It’s also one of the shortest in the series; it’s funny how things work out sometimes.

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Authenticating to Fabric APIs via Sempy and Service Principals

Gilbert Quevauvilliers links everything together:

I have been doing a fair amount of work lately with Fabric Notebooks.

I am always conscious to ensure that when I am authenticating using a Service Principal, I can make sure it is as secure as possible. To do this I have found that I can use the Azure Key Vault and Azure identity to successfully authenticate.

Read on for some of the advantages of using Azure Key Vault for this sort of credential management, as well as how to get it all working.

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Creating Orchestrators in Azure Data Factory

Martin Schoombee continues a series on building an orchestration framework in Azure Data Factory:

The orchestration layer of the framework is where all the magic happens. It facilitates the execution of processes and/or tasks as defined in the metadata, and needs to do it both seamlessly and efficiently. Ideally you would want to deploy this layer only once, and never have to touch it again. And it is really with that in mind that I designed this layer…to function independently and with minimal dependencies in both directions.

I would have loved for this layer to consist of only one pipeline but there are some nuances in Data Factory that make it impossible, the primary nuance being that you cannot nest ForEach activities. As a result, this layer contains three pipelines that will be covered by the sections below in more detail.

Read on to see what those three pipelines are.

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Refreshable Excel Files in the Power BI Service

Kristyna Ferris shows how to refresh a Power BI data source from Excel files in Sharepoint:

Ever since Excel made its debut in the 1980’s, it has been used as a quick way for end users to input and manipulate data on their own without going through the extensive data engineering and data ingestion processes. With Power BI coming on to the scene in 2015, it quickly became the go-to visualization tool for various data sources. These two powerful tools can be used together to drive customized insights for your organization. By uploading your Excel file into SharePoint/OneDrive, you can easily connect and set up a refresh to a Power BI report in the Power BI Service without an on-premises gateway.

Read on to see how it all works.

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A Primer on SSIS Package Deployment

Andy Brownsword gives us a blast from the past:

Configurations for Integration Services packages allow us to tailor their execution without needing to redeploy. There are two main ways to manage these configurations – Package Configuration and Project Configuration. In this post we’ll look at the Package Configuration approach.

Package deployment was the original approach, though as Andy points out, it’s no longer the default.

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