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There are thousands of SQL Server blogs and resources available.  Nobody has time to go through them all, and although there are excellent resources which aggregate and syndicate articles (such as SQLServerCentral and Simple-Talk), there’s a hole in the market for links to high-end, easy-to-digest, topical articles around SQL Server and the data world.  Curated SQL exists to fill that niche.  We’ll let the articles speak for themselves and hopefully introduce you to new bloggers and thinkers.  We probably won’t do too much snark, either—we’ll leave that to the posts’ authors.

Origin Story

Curated SQL started at FreeCon 2015.  At one point in the day, while talking about blogging resources, we got on a small tangent about how there aren’t any quick, curated aggregators of articles out there:  aggregators tend to be automated syndication mechanisms, which lead to a lot of noise.  What’s missing is something in between original work and that syndication mechanism.  Using examples like Daring Fireball and Instapundit as guides, Curated SQL was born in November of 2015.

Got A Link?

Share it with us.  We are looking for links to original, interesting, well-written material pertaining to data professionals.  Be sure to pass along your website URL or Twitter handle if you would like them in the attribution.


Kevin Feasel
Catallaxy Services