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Deploying Azure Resources with Terraform and GitHub Actions

Reitse Eskens sets up some new resources:

When you start out with Terraform, you’ll most likely run the code locally with terraform on your own machine. Terraform works with a so-called state-file, it saves the state of the Azure deployment it left behind and compares the (new) code with the state it encounters when it runs again. Changes are resolved by changing, deleting or adding resources that don’t match the state-file.

This works fine when you’re flying solo and don’t have co-workers who can change resources as well. Whenever you need to share code, the industry standard is to use a git solution, whether GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps or some other solution, as long as it has version control you should be fine (providing people adhere to the correct usage of branches).

Click through for a step-by-step walkthrough, as well as explanation of the major actors in that play.