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Day: August 3, 2023

Simplifying Nested Lists and Vectors in R

Steven Sanderson simplifies things:

Today, we’re diving deep into the incredible world of R programming to explore the often-overlooked but extremely handy unlist() function. If you’ve ever found yourself dealing with complex nested lists or vectors, this little gem can be a lifesaver. The unlist() function is like a magician that simplifies your data structures, making them more manageable and easier to work with. Let’s unlock its magic together!

Click through to see how it works, including explanation and examples.

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Microsoft Fabric Licensing and Capacity

Aimee Johnson explains how Microsoft Fabric licensing works:

Microsoft Fabric is a Software-as-a-Service platform (SaaS) which enables you to build an end-to-end analytics solution without the need to spin up complex infrastructure. If you want to know more about Microsoft Fabric then check out our introduction blog post which you can find here.

Since Microsoft Fabric has been announced there have been many questions and queries about licensing and in this blog post I will go through everything you need to know!

One thing I keep forgetting is that Power BI Premium P1 is equivalent to Fabric F64; I keep wanting it to be F32 or F16, but that’s because I’m frugal that way.

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Batch File Importation in SQL Server

Paul White loads things quickly:

All this can be achieved with client-side tools and programming. It can also be done server-side by importing the raw data into a staging table before processing using T-SQL procedures.

Other times, the need arises to ingest data without using client-side tools and without making a complete copy of the raw data on the server. This article describes one possible approach in that situation.

Read on for the process.

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Updates to Microsoft Purview

Wolfgang Strasser keeps us informed:

It’s been a while that there were some (major) announcements around Microsoft Purview Data Governance. But it seems that August (2023) is a good month with some quite huge announcements:

Click through for those announcements. I particularly appreciate the free version. Even though it’s fairly limited, the price is right for people who are just playing around with the system and don’t want a massive bill.

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Finding Service Retirements in Azure Advisor

Anth Kernan has a tool for us:

Microsoft maintains 77 services across 13 service categories, everything from Artificial Intelligence to Compute to Databases to Storage to Azure Orbital – this is a lot of code and infrastructure to maintain and evolve, often at pace. Inevitably some of these services will be retired, either as new services replace them or through investments in the Microsoft Partner ecosystem.

This article will provide an overview of the tooling that exists within Azure to obtain a single centralized view of Service Retirements and reduce the reliance on manually checking the Azure Updates feed and/or Email notifications.

Click through to see where the tool is in Azure Advisor. Taking a quick look at it, this is pretty smart.

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Using the Microsoft Fabric Data Gateway

Reitse Eskens uploads some data:

In a blog from a few weeks ago, I wrote about getting data from your on-prem SQL Server into Fabric. At the time, the only option for a copy dataflow was using a direct connection over the internet. It still is, but now you can also use the PowerBI Data Gateway to get data from your SQL Server into Fabric.

In this blog, I’ll take you through the steps needed and an issue I ran into.

Read on for Reitse’s instructions and how to avoid the issue he ran into.

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