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Day: August 9, 2023

Adding Text to a Plot in R

Steven Sanderson texts up a plot:

As a programmer, you’re well aware of the importance of data visualization. A well-crafted plot can convey complex information with clarity and impact. In R, creating stunning plots is a breeze, especially when you’re armed with the versatile text() function. This little gem allows you to add custom text to your plots, enabling you to annotate and highlight essential details. Let’s dive into the world of text() and uncover its syntax and potential through some hands-on examples.

I’m also a big fan of geom_text_repel() in ggplot2’s ggrepel library. It is by no means perfect but it does do a good job of not overlapping important visual features like plotted lines.

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GTIDs for Replication in MySQL

Aisha Bukar continues a series on replication in MySQL:

Welcome back to another replication series! As a quick reminder, we explored various methods of using MySQL’s replication capabilities in our previous discussions. Initially, we employed the traditional binary-log-based replication approach to set up our replication servers. This involved tracking the binary log file and its positions to facilitate replication.

In this article, we will dive into a more recent and acceptable approach to creating replication – using the Global Transaction Identifiers (GTID) based replication.

Click through to understand how they work and the trade-offs you’ll need to make regarding them.

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Refreshing Excel in SharePoint without Power BI Gateways

Gilbert Quevauvilliers needs a refresh:

I have been answering some questions on the Power BI (Or is it now Fabric?) community forum, and I have found recently that there are some people asking how to get data from Excel that is stored in SharePoint Online.

In this blog post I will show you how to connect to a single Excel file using Power BI desktop, and then configure it in the Power BI Service where it does not require a gateway.

Read on to see how.

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Delayed Transaction Durability in tempdb

Bob Ward does some digging:

I have found almost every day of my career at Microsoft, I learn something new about Microsoft SQL. It is one of the reasons I enjoy my job. In April of 2023, I was speaking at the MVP Summit in Redmond, Washington. One day I was spending time in a side conversation with MVP Rob Farley discussing some of his “wish list” items for SQL. One of these wish list items was delayed transaction durability for tempdb.

Good news for Rob on that front.

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