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Day: August 11, 2023

Diving into the Microsoft Fabric Copy Activity

Reza Rad does more than copies:

Copy Activity is one of the most commonly used activities in Microsoft Fabric’s Data Factory Pipeline. The Copy Activity copies the data from a source to a destination. However, there is more to that rather than just a simple copy. In this article, you will learn what Copy Activity is, its rationale, how it works, and its configuration options.

Reza has a video, as well as a demo-heavy full-length article on the topic.

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Executing SQL Queries in Files against Postgres

Salman Ahmed automates query execution:

In PostgreSQL, there are several ways to execute queries, and one of them is by executing queries from SQL files. This approach allows users to manage and store their SQL queries separately and make debugging and development simpler. Using SQL files also helps in replication of database schemas. This blog discusses how to execute queries from SQL files in PostgreSQL.

Read on to see how you can use the psql command line tool to do just that.

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