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Training a Model in the Azure ML Designer

I continue a series on low-code machine learning in Azure ML:

Machine learning is a lot like an action film from the 1980s: we see early on that there’s a problem, we train in a cool montage with upbeat rock music, and then we come back to the problem and defeat it with car chases and bazookas and quippy one-liners. Well, maybe that simile got away from me a little bit, but I think I’ll stick with it.

What we’ll do in this post is cover the process of training a simple model using the Azure ML designer. I won’t deviate too far from the “classic” Azure ML script, which involves using the Designer to train a model and then deploy an endpoint for consumption. And away we go!

Sometimes, when a model is running, I say to it, “I have to remind you Sully, this is my weak arm!”