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Streaming Data to Event Hubs via Kafka Connect and Debezium

Niels Berglund starts off a two-part sub-series within a series:

This post is the first of two looking at if and how we can stream data to Event Hubs from Debezium. Initially I had planned only one post covering this, but it turned out that the post would be too long, so therefore I split it in two.

It started with the post, How to Use Kafka Client with Azure Event Hubs. In that post, I looked at how the Kafka client can publish messages to – not only – Apache Kafka but also Azure Event Hubs. In the post, I said something like:

An interesting point here is that it is not only your Kafka applications that can publish to Event Hubs but any application that uses Kafka Client 1.0+, like Kafka Connect connectors!

Click through for the first part of this pairing.