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Orchestration Controllers in Azure Data Factory

Martin Schoombee gets to the top of the pyramid:

Controllers are pipelines that initiate the execution of a single process or task in a specific order and with constraints. Whereas everything else in this framework is pretty automated, this part is entirely manual.

Why? Well, when I started thinking about the design of this framework I knew I needed something at the “highest level” that would execute an entire daily ETL process, or a modified ETL process that only loads specific data during the day. I wanted to maximize the flexibility of the framework, and that either meant adding another level to the metadata structure or creating this layer of pipelines that sit at the top. I opted for the second, because I did not feel it was worth the complexity of adding another layer into the metadata structure. That being said, it doesn’t mean it cannot or shouldn’t be done…it was a personal choice I made to keep things as simple as I could.

Read on to learn more about what the controller should look like and how the other pieces fit in.