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Apache Kafka 3.6 Released

Satish Duggana announces what’s new in Apache Kafka 3.6:

The ability to migrate Kafka clusters from a ZooKeeper metadata system to a KRaft metadata system is now ready for usage in production environments. See the ZooKeeper to KRaft migration operations documentation for details. Note that support for JBOD is still not available for KRaft clusters, therefore clusters utilizing JBOD can not be migrated. See KIP-858 for details regarding KRaft and JBOD.

Support for Delegation Tokens in KRaft (KAFKA-15219) was completed in 3.6, further reducing the gap of features between ZooKeeper-based Kafka clusters and KRaft. Migration of delegation tokens from ZooKeeper to KRaft is also included in 3.6.

Tiered Storage is an early access feature. It is currently only suitable for testing in non-production environments. See the Early Access Release Notes for more details.

Read on for more details around what’s new in Apache Kafka.