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SQL Standards through the Years

Brendan Tierney notes a new standard:

As of June 2023 the new standard for SQL had been released, by the International Organization for Standards. Although SQL language has been around since the 1970s, this is the 11th release or update to the SQL standard. The first version of the standard was back in 1986 and the base-level standard for all databases was released in 1992 and referred to as SQL-92. That’s more than 30 years ago, and some databases still don’t contain all the base features in that standard, although they aim to achieve this sometime in the future.

It’s a bit wacky to me that you have to pay for a copy of the SQL standard, but then again, it’s not really intended for regular people: it’s intended for companies developing new database products so they can adhere to the 70% of the standard that they want, outright ignore 20% of the standard, and replace 10% with their own incompatible versions.