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Snowflake Data Governance

Enrique Lopez de Lara shares a few ways that Snowflake allows us to protect data in its system:

The role hierarchy in the previous section defines what can be done on different objects and by whom. However, it doesn’t restrict which records within a table a user can see or which values should be masked within a column. That’s where the data governance policies in this section come into play.

All data governance policies and tags are stored in the PROD_DB_GOV database under three schemas: MASKING, ROWACCESS and TAGS. Putting all the policies and tags in a single database allows us to centralize them and better restrict access to them. Please note that only the GOV_ADMIN role has read/write permissions on it.

These are, for the most part, very similar to what we’re used to in relational databases: application and system roles, row-level security, and data classification.