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Day: April 18, 2023


Jeffrey Wang takes us through some DAX language updates:

In the April 2023 release of Power BI Desktop, two new functions, RANK and ROWNUMBER, have been added to the DAX window functions family, along with significant enhancements to the ORDERBY sub-function. These improvements allow ORDERBY to support sorting by arbitrary DAX scalar expressions, rather than being limited to column names. This not only benefits the new functions, but also existing window functions that we have previously discussed here and here. You might be wondering, since we have had RANKX and RANK.EQ since the inception of DAX, why do we need another rank function? In today’s blog, we will address this question and explore other considerations related to using these new functionalities.

Click through for examples and caveats.

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Building an Azure DevOps YAML Pipeline

Olivier Van Steenlandt busts out the YAML:

In previous blog posts, I explained how to automate the Database Project Build & Deployment process using Azure DevOps (Release) Pipelines. These blog posts focused on setting up as easily as possible using the Classic Editor.

In this blog post, I’m going through the steps of setting up a build pipeline using YAML.

Read on to learn why the YAML-based approach is the best option for ADO and how to build a pipeline.

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Building a Report Development Workflow for Power BI

Richard Swinbank thinks about process:

In this series I’ll be talking a lot about workflow. Loosely speaking, report development workflow is the set of steps you have to take to create or update a Power BI report. This typically starts in Power BI desktop, and doesn’t end until users are able to get business value out of a report in the Power BI service.

A good workflow frees a report developer to do the things they like and are good at – understanding business problems, and crafting beautiful reports to help solve them. Anything that that doesn’t contribute to that just gets in the way – a bad workflow clutters up the development experience with peripheral tasks like version control, managing environments and performing deployments.

Richard shares a good number of thoughts on the matter, so check them out.

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