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CIS Security Checks with dbachecks

Tracy Boggiano shows how to perform a security check based on CIS requirements:

Well back at the end of 2019 I finished writing most of the checks related to the CIS Center for Internet Security requirements.  I have yet to write a blog post on how to use them.  So, well here is how to go about using them, it’s mostly code so should be pretty simple to implement.  I’ve mentioned this several times over the past year in presenting on dbatools.

So first you need to have dbachecks.  So, let’s start with the basics just in case you haven’t heard of dbachecks.  dbachecks is PowerShell module that checks the configuration of your SQL Server against various test have been predefined.  By default, it exports the data to JSON, and we will be opening PowerBI to display the data because why that is pretty.  So, go download you a copy of Power BI from the Microsoft website and let’s install dbachecks first.

Read on to see what you need, the steps for this process, and what the results look like.