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Debugging Code in Python

Adrian Tam takes us through debugging options with Python:

The purpose of a debugger is to provide you a slow motion button to control the flow of a program. It also allow you to freeze the program at certain point of time and examine the state.

The simplest operation under a debugger is to step through the code. That is to run one line of code at a time and wait for your acknowledgment before proceeding into next. The reason we want to run the program in a stop-and-go fashion is to allow us to check the logic and value or verify the algorithm.

For a larger program, we may not want to step through the code from the beginning as it may take a long time before we reached the line that we are interested in. Therefore, debuggers also provide a breakpoint feature that will kick in when a specific line of code is reached. From that point onward, we can step through it line by line.

This is something I definitely need to get better at when doing Python development.