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Solutions for Matching Supply with Demand

Itzik Ben-Gan has some solutions to show:

This month, I’m going to start exploring the submitted solutions, roughly, going from the worse performing to the best performing ones. Why even bother with the bad performing ones? Because you can still learn a lot from them; for example, by identifying anti-patterns. Indeed, the first attempt at solving this challenge for many people, including myself and Peter, is based on an interval intersection concept. It so happens that the classic predicate-based technique for identifying interval intersection has poor performance since there’s no good indexing scheme to support it. This article is dedicated to this poor performing approach. Despite the poor performance, working on the solution is an interesting exercise. It requires practicing the skill of modeling the problem in a way that lends itself to set-based treatment. It is also interesting to identify the reason for the bad performance, making it easier to avoid the anti-pattern in the future. Keep in mind, this solution is just the starting point.

Click through for a solution which is straightforward but slow.