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GPU-Accelerated Analysis on Databricks using PyTorch + Huggingface

Srijith Rajamohan walks us through an example of sentiment analysis using the PyTorch and Huggingface libraries on Databricks:

Sentiment analysis is commonly used to analyze the sentiment present within a body of text, which could range from a review, an email or a tweet. Deep learning-based techniques are one of the most popular ways to perform such an analysis. However, these techniques tend to be very computationally intensive and often require the use of GPUs, depending on the architecture and the embeddings used. Huggingface ( has put together a framework with the transformers package that makes accessing these embeddings seamless and reproducible. In this work, I illustrate how to perform scalable sentiment analysis by using the Huggingface package within PyTorch and leveraging the ML runtimes and infrastructure on Databricks.

Click through for a description of the process, as well as a link to a notebook you can walk through yourself.