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Day: November 16, 2021

When MAX becomes TOP

Forrest McDaniel tries out a few aggregations:

I can’t tell you how tempted I was to call this MAXTOP. Thinking about it still causes stray giggles to bubble up, as I gleefully envision sharing this info with eager young DBAs at a SQL Saturday, then ushering them off to a session on parallelism. Thankfully I’m not that evil.

The real conclusion is that SQL Server is programmed to be very clever. Despite the cleverness though, details matter, and the cleverness often falls short. What’s that warm glow I feel inside? Ah yes, job security.

Definitely worth a read, and Forrest also shares the repro scripts.

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Viewing Site-to-Site VPN Logs in Azure

Denny Cherry troubleshoots a site-to-site VPN issue:

Recently I needed to view the logs from an Azure Site to Site VPN to see why it wasn’t working as expected. When Azure Site to Site VPNs aren’t working as expected the GUI falls apart quickly for troubleshooting.

Log Analytics is where this problem gets solved. Log Analytics is going to allow you to see basically everything that the Azure Network Gateway is doing. Setting the feed up to Log Analytics isn’t as straightforward as it could be, but it is documented in this post.

Read on for some sample queries.

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Fundamentals of Query Store

Deepthi Goguri provides an intro to Query Store:

Introduced in SQL Server 2016, the Query Store feature will store the Query plans, Queries, resource consumption information along with the run time stats information for your queries. This feature is not automatically enabled on your databases. It is a database-level option only. You need to enable the Query Store on the database to capture the queries and query information. You cannot enable the Query store on master or tempdb databases. The information captured by the Query Store is stored in the database you enabled the feature on, in the internal tables created in the PRIMARY filegroup and this cannot be changed. (Microsoft docs reference).

One thing I would mention that Deepthi didn’t cover is, if you tried out Query Store a while ago and ran into problems, try again on the latest CUs of SQL Server. There have been a lot of bugfixes and optimizations which have made it a much more useful product.