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Day: November 24, 2021

MMLSpark Is Now SynapseML

Mark Hamilton has an announcement:

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of SynapseML (previously MMLSpark), an open-source library that simplifies the creation of massively scalable machine learning (ML) pipelines. Building production-ready distributed ML pipelines can be difficult, even for the most seasoned developer. Composing tools from different ecosystems often requires considerable “glue” code, and many frameworks aren’t designed with thousand-machine elastic clusters in mind. SynapseML resolves this challenge by unifying several existing ML frameworks and new Microsoft algorithms in a single, scalable API that’s usable across Python, R, Scala, and Java.

Read on to learn more about the library.

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Documenting Power BI Dataset Measures

Gilbert Quevauvilliers thinks about documentation:

One thing that often happens is when users are using a dataset, they want to know which measures are available. And not only that sometimes they want to know the measure definition.

This got me thinking and how best could I give this to the users in my organization to be able to find this information quickly and easily.

In the past this was a manual effort not only to export the measures, but also to maintain a document, so that as measures are added, updated, or deleted I would then need to manually update some document.

Yep, you guessed it I created a Power BI report which has got all the measures and their measure definitions, which will update with the dataset! And I show you how I did this below.

Click through to see how.sfff

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Clear out Those Old Container Images

Joy George Kunjikkur has a public service announcement for us:

When we use self-hosted Azure pipeline agents, we may encounter the below issue during the build process. This is not a hard issue to troubleshoot. The reason is there in the error message.

Error processing tar file(exit status 1): open /root/.local/share/NuGet/v3-cache/670c1461c29885f9aa22c281d8b7da90845b38e4$ps:_api.nuget.org_v3_index.json/nupkg_system.reflection.metadata.1.4.2.dat: no space left on device

This is known in the industry as a whoopsie-doops. Click through to see what you can do to resolve the problem.

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Saying No to NOLOCK

Brent Ozar just says no:

When you put NOLOCK in your query, SQL Server will:

– Read rows twice

– Skip rows altogether

– Show you changes that never actually got committed

– Let your query fail with an error

This is not a bug. This is by design. 

There are reasons why you might want to use NOLOCK, but start with no and you’ll be in better shape.

Also, remember that NOLOCK really means “No, lock!”

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