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Workload Isolation in Azure Synapse Analytics

Niko Neugebauer explains how resource governance works with Azure Synapse Analytics SQL Pools:

Carrying on with the Azure Synapse series on the workload identification, classification and isolation started with
Query Identification in Azure SQL DW (Synapse Analytics), in this post I wanted to focus on the workload groups and the workload isolation (aka Resource Governance).

Before advancing and looking into Azure Synapse Analytics “Resource Governor” (my own naming, my fault – and yeah, I shall keep it naming properly), we need to look at the resource classes in Azure Synapse Analytics.
But even before that et me start with WTH – Where is the Heck of Resource Governance in Azure SQL Database ? (Don’t throw at me those Managed Instances, which is a SQL Server with Availability Group running in tuned VM in the background – I want & need the Azure SQL Database to have the proper Resource Governance.

Click through for an explanation plus demonstration.