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Aggregations in Power BI Desktop

Jeroen ter Heerdt tries out aggregations in Power BI Desktop:

Aggregations bring me back to the good old SSAS Multidimensional days. The days that I invariably built the aggregations tree the wrong way around, SSAS would complain, I would scream and eventually give in.

You can imagine that I was curious but skeptical when I tried aggregations in Power BI Desktop. I was afraid of ending up in the same hate-but-need relationship that I had with SSAS multidimensional when it came to aggregations.

The good news? It is not like that. At all. Once you have aggregations working, they are great.

The not so good news? It took me longer than I am willing to admit getting them working – primarily due to data types and creation of the aggregated table. More details in this blog post.

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