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Sentiment Analysis with Power BI

Teo Lachev takes us through two options available for sentiment analysis with Power BI:

Cognitive Services is an Azure PaaS cloud service that supports text analytics and image recognition. It’s automatically included in Power BI Premium or Embedded capacities (make sure that AI workloads are enabled in the capacity settings). If you organization doesn’t have Power BI Premium or Embedded, you can provision Cognitive Services in Azure (requires an Azure subscription) and then write a custom Power Query function to invoke its APIs, as demonstrated by this tutorial. If you provision Cognitive Services outside Power BI Premium,  you’ll be charged per transaction. In the case of Power BI, the number of transactions equates to the number of rows in your table. So, if you refresh five times a table with 1,000 rows and calculate the sentiment polarity score for each row, you’ll be charged for 5,000 transactions.

Read on for the full report on each option.