Flexible Active Directory Account Lookup In Powershell

Jana Sattainathan builds a flexible AD lookup cmdlet in Powershell:

Now, the problem is that I have to lookup the AD User account for each of these users to add to the AD group “CrisisManagement_ReadOnly_Group”. Although I still use the AD module command Get-ADUser to lookup names, I have to do so one name at a time like this:

Get-ADUser -Filter ‘(name -like “*David*”) -and (name -like “*Smith*”)’

The above method is tedious and time consuming, especially if it is a long list of users. I would rather paste the list that the sender sent me as is into a PowerShell command and auto-magically add the corresponding accounts to the AD group. If we are unable to find an user, report it as an error.

Click through for the code and more.

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