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Finding Duplicate Post Titles and Tuning the Query

Erik Darling makes a friend:

I’m going to be totally open and honest with you, dear reader: I’ve been experimenting with… AI.

See, I’m just a lonely independent consultant, and sometimes it’s just nice to have someone to talk to. It’s also kind of fun to take a query idea you have, and ask “someone” else to write it to see what they’d come up with.

ChatGPT (for reference, 4 and 4o) does a rather okay job sometimes. In fact, when I ask it to write a query, it usually comes up with a query that looks a lot like the ones that I have to fix when I’m working with clients.

Considering that the clients probably stole the query idea from Stack Overflow as well, that makes sense. But there was a clever trick that the query returned, so check it out.

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