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The Right Tool for the Job

Bob Pusateri talks tools:

I was in a meeting the other day where someone stated that “writing SQL isn’t real engineering.” I was taken aback by this, and initially didn’t even know how to respond other than to say that sometimes SQL is the best tool to solve a problem, and other times it isn’t. The blanket statement that one programming language is somehow better or more “real engineering” than another seemed incredibly narrow-minded. I’ve done some reflecting on this since, and wanted to share.

Everybody knows that Real Programmers Use FORTRAN.

This is an amazingly obtuse take—not Bob’s response, mind you, but the original statement that Bob is responding to. “Using Miter saws isn’t real carpentry” is the first response I had to it. Or maybe “Using culverts isn’t real civil engineering.” SQL is a domain-specific language for working with data, and it is the best domain-specific language for working with data. That’s why Feasel’s Law is a thing, after all.

Bob’s response is more measured and thoughtful than what I’ve put in here, so check that out.