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Dangling Images with Oracle 23ai Free Edition

Kellyn Gorman runs into an issue:

When I tried to connect via SQLPlus as SYSDBA, I received an EXTPROC error. It pointed clearly to the listener.ora file, which I discovered a path listed still to ora23c for the extproc, corrected it, started the Listener, but to no avail- an ORA-12547 error, realizing I had a make file issue on the binaries for Oracle.

I contacted Geral Venzl, who was very gracious and after some quick research, he came back that his folks said everything was fine with the images, so I thanked him and dug into the issue deeper.  I quickly discovered this problem could happen to others, so decided I better document here for anyone who does happen upon it.

Click through for the high-level explanation and a bit more detail on dangling images.

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