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SQL ConstantCare Population Report for Spring 2024

Brent Ozar has a new chart for us:

The short story: SQL Server 2019 appears poised to swallow the SQL Server market altogether, hahaha.

The long story: ever wonder how fast people are adopting new versions of SQL Server, or what’s “normal” out there for SQL Server adoption rates? Let’s find out in the winter 2023 version of our SQL ConstantCare® population report.

Out of the thousands of monitored SQL Servers, SQL Server 2019 is now at 48% of the market! That’s the highest percentage we’ve seen for any version in the 3 years that we’ve been doing this analysis, up from last quarter’s 44% market share. Here’s how adoption is trending over time, with the most recent data at the right:

Click through for the graph and a bonus excursion on database size and associated hardware. And as always, this is an interesting view of one sample of SQL Server instances, but that sample may not (and probably does not) represent SQL Server usage as a whole.

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