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William Assaf adds some time zones:

I recently reviewed, worked on, and added a similar example to the DATETIMEOFFSET Microsoft Learn Docs article at the recommendation of my colleague Randolph West, who guessed (accurately) I would enjoy such a task. It was a nice pre-Build diversion. 

This topic is one that I have co-presented on in the past and hounded project capstone review presentations about. If you’re not storing time zone offset in your date/time data, you’re setting yourself up for future pain. That future pain is not what this blog post is about.

My preference is not to store time zone offset but instead store everything in UTC and perform any time zone switcharoos in the UI. But if you are storing local dates and times, I completely agree that you should keep track of the time zone. I worked for an east coast US company that bought a west coast US company, and both stored local dates and times in their SQL Server databases, making data consolidation a real challenge.

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