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Max Offline Semantic Model Size Error

Chris Webb continues a series on Power BI semantic model memory errors:

In the Power BI Service, Import mode models are stored offline and paged into memory only when they are needed – for example because someone runs a report that uses the model as its source. As discussed in my last post, though, there’s a limit on the amount of memory that a model can use which varies by the size and type of capacity you’re using using. There’s also an extra complication in that Import mode models are stored offline in a compressed format that means the Power BI Service doesn’t know exactly how much memory will be needed if the entire model needs to be held in memory. As a result there is an additional limit enforced on the size of the offline copy of Import mode models to ensure they don’t use too much memory when they are eventually paged in.

Read on to learn more about this setting and what it looks like if you trigger the error.