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Purging Lots of Backup History

David Wiseman needs to clear out a significant amount of backup history:

Recently, I encountered an issue running sp_delete_backuphistory on servers that hosted a large number of databases with frequent log backup & restore operations. The clean up task hadn’t been scheduled and the history tables had grown very large over several months. The msdb databases was also hosted on a volume with limited IOPs.

Attempting to run sp_delete_backuphistory under these conditions you will likely encounter these issues:

Click through for that list of issues, as well as a way of mitigating the problem. I’ve noticed this kind of pattern appears fairly often in Microsoft-provided cleanup procedures: the code works well until you reach a certain scale, at which point it falls over. It’d be great if the original sp_delete_backuphistory performed batch deletion from the get-go, but David shows us a way to get around the issue.