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Day: February 14, 2024

Breaking out a CHECKDB Run

Mikey Bronowski fixed a problem:

Regular execution of DBCC CHECKDB is a cornerstone practice for DBAs, ensuring that databases are free from corruption. However, this routine maintenance can sometimes feel more like a Herculean task, especially when DBCC CHECKDB runs slower than a snail in molasses, or worse, gets terminated because it runs too slow.

Read on to see what Mikey did to fix the issue. This is a good reminder that sometimes, there is no single silver bullet, but a whole magazine of lead can still get you to the same location.

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Troubleshooting a Stored Procedure Performance Problem

Deborah Melkin digs in:

In fact, I just fixed a stored procedure that had its performance change due to an upgrade to SQL Server 2022 last week. We were doing internal testing in our test environment and one proc suddenly took significantly longer than it should have. But it was also a proc that had not changed in months so it was very clear that the reason it became a problem was due to the upgrade.

Click through for some detail on how Deborah figured it out.

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Horizontal Scale in Postgres with PL/Proxy

Umair Shahid gives us the rundown on one mechanism to scale out Postgres:

As databases scale and user demands intensify, the challenge of maintaining performance increases. While PostgreSQL was originally designed (40 years ago!) to scale up, but increasing demands on the database have created the need to enable it to scale horizontally. PL/Proxy is a database partitioning system designed to simplify the process of distributing database loads across multiple servers. It acts as a transparent layer between the application and the database, enabling queries to be directed to the appropriate shard or partition based on predefined rules.

This article will dive into PL/Proxy, taking a look at its benefits, use cases, and best practices to enhance PostgreSQL’s performance through effective scaling.

Click through to learn more about this product.

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Troubleshooting Performance around a Data Purge Process

Andy Mallon troubleshoots an issue:

In January, one of our Staff Engineers sent the following message to the DBRE help channel in Slack:

Morning folks, we had a pretty significant wait spike on the [database]. Circuit breakers closed and reopened quickly. Is anyone immediately aware of a reason why this could’ve happened?

Read on for Andy’s quick analysis and then the root cause and solution.

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