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Day: February 7, 2024

SQL Server Failover Clusters in Linux

I phone it in:

In this video, we will talk about Failover Cluster Instances in SQL Server on Linux.

This video stays in the academic realm because I don’t have an enterprise version of Linux (either RHEL or SLES) and don’t have a SAN or NAS, so I couldn’t actually show any of it off. Still, somehow I turned the utter lack of demo into almost a 20-minute video.

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The Death (and Life?) of Azure Synapse Analytics

Paul Andrew plays coroner:

I think it’s fair to say that Azure Synapse Analytics has had a hard life. It was announced in public preview as a surprise to most of the community, including Microsoft cloud solution architects. Ultimately meaning that very little private preview testing and feedback on the product was done before showing it to the world. This resulted in a lot of frustration in the subsequent year before it could be classified as generally available and more frustration after that while we battled with the missing production features. Even now, the product is lacking in a lot of functionality. Anyway, this is all in the past. Microsoft Fabric is the new kid on the block, and we need to address the unpopular question about the future of Synapse. And considering I’ve been very unpopular with the product teams before; I’ll take this one for the team. Sorry, but it needs to be addressed.

Read on for Paul’s thoughts. I tend to agree in general with his take, but do read Bogdan Crivat’s response. Bogdan is on the Synapse product team and shares some thoughts as well.


Translating Excel Date Values into R Dates

Steven Sanderson reads an Excel file:

Have you ever battled with Excel’s quirky date formats in your R projects? If so, you’re not alone! Those cryptic numbers can be a real headache, but fear not, fellow R warriors! Today, we’ll conquer this challenge and transform those numbers into beautiful, usable dates.

This is a common pain point in a lot of libraries and Steven shows how to solve it in R using a pair of functions.

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New Power BI Course

Eugene Meidinger has gone indie:

The goal of this course is to orient you to the various pieces of Power BI, identify the source of problem, and give some general tips for solving them. If you are stuck and need help now, this should help.

Note! This is an early launch. Modules 1 and 2 are available now, and the remaining ones will be coming out weekly.

You can see the first module of Eugene’s course on YouTube and throw money at him to get the rest as he rolls it out. And if you do decide to throw money at him, load a bunch of pennies into a cannon and blast them at him, then tell him I sent you.


Batching Data Copy Operations in SQL Server

Jana Sattainathan performs a data migration:

The purpose of this post is to give you a skeleton of TSQL code on how to perform a copy of a large table (say from one database to another within the same SQL Server Instance) by breaking up the data into manageable chunks. I have blogged about how to break-up any Oracle or SQL Server table data into chunks in this blog post.

Read on to learn why you don’t want to perform the operation as a single query, and one alternative that’s available. The query is a good bit more complex, but that complexity is for a good cause.

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Finally Blocks and Error Handling in Data Factory

Chen Hirsh doesn’t let failure get in the way of doing work:

Today I stumbled upon a weird behavior in Azure Data Factory (ADF) error handling.

ADF lets us add error handling in the flow control, In this example, I’m trying to copy some data, and if that fails go to on failure branch (red line). If the activity succeeded, go to on success branch (green line)

These work great (If you can call a failure great…).

Let’s take another step. What if I want to run another activity at the end, no matter if the copy succeeded or failed?

The behavior is a bit weird, as it doesn’t work quite the way you’d expect. Chen, however, shows us how to do it.

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