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The State of CI/CD in Power BI

Paul Turley violates Betteridge’s Law of Headlines:

The answer – finally – is a resounding YES! It has been a long road and the path to implementing Continuous Integration & Delivery (CI/CD) in all of its forms for Power BI is still a journey, but the capabilities are now a reality. This broad category includes a range of features and capabilities related to managing project files with version control and the ability to share and collaborate with other development team members. Additionally, we also have the ability to assign individual components of a solution to different team members who then check-out files and develop features, check them back in and merge changes into a feature branch. In enterprise-class projects, having these capabilities enables true Development Operations or DevOps: a process for managing iterative development, testing and deployment with automated builds, using a central process management tool. Implementing full-fledged DevOps is a big lift for most Business Intelligence professionals but the core concept of code version control is essential for any durable project.

Read on for Paul’s thoughts on the importance of source control and how you can pull this off.

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