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Parallelism Options in Powershell

Rod Edwards enumerates the list:

This is one that I should have learnt way earlier than I actually did if i’m being completely honest. One of my colleagues wrote a cool function for multithreading, and although this isn’t it, it did made me look into how it all worked.

Some of the techniques can be quite complicated, especially for a DBA who’s not as experienced with Powershell yet (and a ForEach loop just works right?) so I thought i’d post about the simplier methods that can be employed, and tweaks to get most of the benefits, without the complexity.

So, lets jump straight into it.

Rod does focus on Powershell jobs and thread jobs, so check out how those work. A while back, I had a comment here talking about the various options though Rod has definitely put a lot more effort into this task.

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