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Row-Level Security Attack Mitigations

Ben Johnston wraps up a series on row-level security:

As seen in the previous section, there are several ways bad actors can attempt to bypass RLS. Attacks range from removing RLS, getting data from other systems or straight brute-force methods using side-channel attacks. Mechanisms exist for each potential attack that allow you to avoid the attack or monitor for the attack when avoidance isn’t possible. This section covers those mitigations.

RLS can be bypassed or attacked using several broad categories. These include direct attacks, where RLS is modified in a malicious fashion or disabled, indirect attacks where information can be gathered without modifying the underlying RLS, and side-channel attacks that use specially crafted queries to derive data from RLS protected tables. Refer to the previous section of this series, RLS Attacks, for a full explanation of each attack type.

I’ve enjoyed this series and the end is no different.