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Loading OpenStreetMap Data in Postgres

Ryan Lambert gets just the right amount of data:

Populating a PostGIS database with OpenStreetMap data is favorite way to start a new geospatial project. Loading a region of OpenStreetMap data enables you with data ranging from roads, buildings, water features, amenities, and so much more! The breadth and bulk of data is great, but it can turn into a hinderance especially for projects focused on smaller regions. This post explores how to use PgOSM Flex with custom layersets, multiple schemas, and osmium. The goal is load limited data for a larger region, while loading detailed data for a smaller, target region.

The larger region for this post will be the Colorado extract from Geofabrik. The smaller region will be the Fort Collins area, extracted from the Colorado file. The following image shows the data loaded in this post with two maps side-by-side. The minimal data loaded for all of Colorado is shown on the left and the full details of Fort Collins is on the right.

Click through for more details on these two examples.