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Business Problems and Business Solutions

Kurt Buhler tells a story:

Bink the Data Goblin is a Data Analyst who supports her department by making, maintaining and helping others with Power BI solutions. Bink is quite proficient at Power BI, and is recognized in her user community as a go-to person for answers to Power BI questions. Recently, Bink was promoted to a position in their Center of Excellence to help her department make the most of Power BI.

One day, Bink receives a message on Teams from Bonk the Business Goblin. Bonk is an Analyst who works in Finance and is typically responsible for the reporting on behalf of the Finance team. Bonk asks…

I think some of this is a little idealized (or I’m a bit cynical) but it’s a good reminder that the technical domain is important but not the only thing to think about.