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Comparing Non-Standard Time Periods in Power BI

Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari are back in school:

A requirement to apply the following technique is that every day can belong to a term or not, but there are no overlaps between terms. Indeed, if we had overlapping periods, we should create a different solution based on the Comparing different time periods pattern. In the case of school terms, we consider the case of three terms per year, where the first term starts in September of one year, and the last term ends in July of the following year. Therefore, the academic year is identified by two consecutive numbers, such as 2016-2017 (often shortened to 2016-17).

The business requirement is to compare one term with the previous term (within the same academic year or the previous one when we compare the first term of a year) and one term with the same term in the previous year. The goal is to obtain a result similar to the following one.

This turns out to be a little bit of a challenge, though Marco and Alberto have the solution for us.