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Power BI Report Deployment with Connections to Shared Datasets

Rayis Imayev does some large-scale deployment:

Let’s say you have a collection of Power BI .pbix files stored in a git-based source control system (GitHub, Azure DevOps, or any other system). Among these files, one is your data model, while the others are Power BI visual reports and dashboards connected to the published dataset from your data model. Your published dataset is located in a separate workspace dedicated to shared content, and the visualization Power BI reports are placed in another workspace with appropriate permissions to access them.

Now, let’s consider an additional complexity: you have this collection of files not only in one development environment but also in two others. These environments support your Power BI reporting testing (UAT) and the release of your Power BI reports to end-users (Production).

The questions that arise are: How do you deploy your solution, and most importantly, how do you automate it?

Click through for an architectural diagram, as well as the answer to this question.