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Generating Random Datasets with R

Tomaz Kastrun has been busy:

The datasetR helps you generate a random datasets for your R project. It provides a preset random list of values with different data types (interval, ordinal, nominal values). It includes also a function for imputing a NULL, NA or missing values.

Click through to see how it works, the types of random data you can generate, and more.

One Comment

  1. Vladimir Vinarsky
    Vladimir Vinarsky2023-07-18

    Dear Tamaz,
    Thnk you for the package to create the random datasets in R:)
    I have a little suggestion/request:)
    Would it be possible to add an option of decimal digit number?
    It is a type of data I encounter and code for (measure signal intensity and do some peak finding etc.).
    Anyway thank you for your work and sharing it:)
    Vladimir, the curious mechanobiologist

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