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SQL Alerts on Potential Attacks

David Fowler keeps his head on a swivel:

But let’s be honest, the above attacks are just going to be opportunistic hackers probably using an automated tool to hunt out open servers and try to exploit them, a bit like the guy walking down the road and trying all the car doors in the hope that someone will have left their unlocked. It someone’s specifically targeting your servers, the chances are that they’ll be a bit more sophisticated.

This is where things get a little more troublesome and where SQL doesn’t really give us any tools to help.

But there are warning signs that we can look out for and these can be certain error messages in the logs. There are three in particular that I see as red flags that something amiss may be going on.

Click through for those three warning signs and how you an create SQL Server alerts upon logging these messages. The errors aren’t guaranteed to be an attacker, though in reading them, I’d expect a high signal to noise ratio on them.