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Join Operations in BigQuery

Rathish Kumar joins a few tables together:

SQL joins are used to combine columns from multiple tables to get desired result set. In a typical Relational model we use normalized tables, each table represents an entity (example: employee, department, etc) and its relationships and when we need to get data from more than one tables, for example employee name and employee department, we use joins to combine employee name column from employee table, department name column from department table based on employee number key column, which is available on both the tables.

Similarly, typical data warehouse setup follows Star or Snowflake schema consisting of a primary fact table and satellite dimension tables. Fact tables represents events (example: orders table in a ecommerce business) and dimension table represents attributes and slowly changing information (example: customer, product tables).

The syntax is rather similar to most database engines, though there are a few physical join operators which differ from typical relational database management systems. Also, I’ll take this moment to say thank you to Rathish for not using Venn diagrams to show joins and instead using a proper technique.