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Updating SQL Server Containers on Kubernetes

Amit Khandelwal rolls out some updates:

I’m sure you’ve thought about how to update SQL Server containers running on a Kubernetes cluster at some point. So, this blog attempts to answer the question. According to the Kubernetes documentation, there are two Update strategies for statefulset workloads. For your convenience, I’m quoting the summary below:

  1.  OnDelete update : When a StatefulSet’s .spec.updateStrategy.type is set to OnDelete, the StatefulSet controller will not automatically update the Pods in a StatefulSet. Users must manually delete Pods to cause the controller to create new Pods that reflect modifications made to a StatefulSet’s .spec.template.
  2. Rolling update : When a statefuleset’s .spec.updateStrategy.type is set to RollingUpdate, the StatefulSet controller will delete and recreate each Pod in the StatefulSet. It will proceed in the same order as Pod termination (from the largest ordinal to the smallest), updating each Pod one at a time. This is the default update strategy.

Read the whole thing to learn how these two strategies of updating containers work.