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Pro Encryption in SQL Server Errata

Matthew McGiffen made the first mistake—admitting fault for anything, ever:

My biggest fear when my book went into production was that any factual errors had slipped through my checks and the various reviews. I had a lot of reviewer support from Apress, but at the end of the day any issues are my responsibility.

So far I’m not aware of any factual errors but one kind reader (Ekrem Önsoy) has shared with me a few typos they have found. I’m going to document them here and will keep this post up to date as I’m made aware of any others:

Mistakes in 300 pages of text will happen, no matter how many times you go through your magnum opus. For example, I hate the fact that I went through every chapter of PolyBase Revealed 8 or 9 times to weed out any little typo. Then, as soon as I got my copies of the print edition in, I flipped open to a random page and immediately spotted a typo.