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Databricks Power Tools in VS Code

Gerhard Brueckl has some tools for us:

As you probably know, we at paiqo have developed our Databricks extension for VSCode over the last years and are constantly adding new features and improving user experience. The most notable features are probably the execution of local notebooks against a Databricks cluster, a nice UI to manage clusters, jobs, secrets, repos, etc. and last but not least also a browser for your workspace and DBFS to sync files locally.

In February 2023 Databricks also published its own official VSCode extension which was definitely long awaited by a lot of customers (blogextension). It allows you to run a local file on a Databricks cluster and display the results in VSCode again. Alternatively you can also run the code as a workflow. I am sure we can expect much more features in the near future and Databricks investing in local IDE support is already a great step forward!

As you can imagine, I am working very closely with the people at Databricks and we are happy to also announce the next major release of our Databricks VSCode extension 2.0 which now also integrates with the official Databricks extension! To avoid confusion between the two extensions we also renamed ours to Databricks Power Tools so from now on you will see two Databricks icons on the very left bar in VSCode.

Click through to read more in the announcement and some of the things which have changed as a result of version 2.0.