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Delta Lake Support in Azure Stream Analytics

Emma An makes an announcement:

Delta Lake has gained popularity in recent times due to its unique features and advantages over traditional data warehouse and other storage formats. For those already using traditional data storage format or moving to a lakehouse architecture, Delta Lake can offer several compelling benefits that can further enhance the performance and capabilities of their data pipelines. Many Azure services are integrated with Delta Lake, and now you can use Azure Stream Analytics to write in Delta format.

In this blog, we will explain the native support of Delta Lake in Azure Stream Analytics, that can help users take their workload to the next level, providing a seamless and scalable solution for large-scale data processing and storage. It is easy to start, taking only a few clicks to create an end-to-end pipeline, and write to either a new or existing Delta table stored in Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2.

This is a nice addition to Stream Analytics and Emma shows two ways you can write out results in Delta Lake format.