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Using Managed Identities with Azure Functions

Dennes Torres takes us through the proper use of managed identities:

Let’s talk about authentication between Azure Functions and resources used by Azure Functions and conclude with many poorly documented secrets about how to use User Assigned Managed Identity. When we build Azure functions, they usually need to authenticate against other Azure resources: Azure SQL DatabaseStorage AccountsService Bus and many more.

Each of these services have an authentication that we can call “Meh!”: Azure SQL has SQL Standard Logins, storage accounts have SAS tokens, service bus, shared access keys and so on. These are not the safest methods possible. If the key leaks, you will have a security problem because anyone with the key will be able to access the resource.

There are multiple solutions for this problem, some of them would pass through Key Vault, used to store secrets, keys and passwords. But let’s go directly to the best one: Remove the usage of keys at all. 

Read on to learn how.