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Day: January 2, 2023

Using the Softmax Classifier in PyTorch

Muhammad Asad Iqbal Khan takes us through one of the classifier options available to PyTorch:

While a logistic regression classifier is used for binary class classification, softmax classifier is a supervised learning algorithm which is mostly used when multiple classes are involved.

Softmax classifier works by assigning a probability distribution to each class. The probability distribution of the class with the highest probability is normalized to 1, and all other probabilities are scaled accordingly.

Read on to learn some of the properties of the Softmax classifier, as well as how you can use this for multi-class classification in PyTorch.

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Converting Spark RDDs to DataFrames and Datasets

Ashish Chaudhary does a bit of swapping around:

In this blog, we will be talking about Spark RDD, Dataframe, Datasets, and how we can transform RDD into Dataframes and Datasets.

At this point, most of the libraries I know of accept and produce DataFrames. Occasionally you might need to “downshift” to an RDD to work with some specialty library. But in the event you do have one but want to get to another, Ashish has you covered.

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Troubleshooting High CPU via PAGELATCH Waits

Ajay Dwiveldi does some digging:

In the above dashboards, I could clearly notice PAGELATCH_** wait at the top along with SOS_SCHEDULER_YIELD. The presence of the above 2 waits is indicative of high CPU issues due to contention on the access of data file pages. I validated and found that this PAGELATCH_** wait is present almost all the time on the server. So decided to check the data of dbo.WhoIsActive that stores captured data of sp_WhoIsActive in SQLMonitor tool.

Read on for the outcome.

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