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Deploying a Streamlit App to RStudio Connect

Parisa Gregg wraps up a series:

RStudio Connect is a platform which is well known for providing the ability to deploy and share R applications such as Shiny apps and Plumber APIs as well as plots, models and R Markdown reports. However, despite the name, it is not just for R developers (hence their recent announcement). RStudio Connect also supports a growing number of Python applications, API services including Flask and FastAPI and interactive web based apps such as Bokeh and Streamlit.

In this post we will look at how to deploy a Streamlit application to RStudio Connect. Streamlit is a framework for creating interactive web apps for data visualisation in Python. It’s API makes it very easy and quick to display data and create interactive widgets from just a regular Python script.

Click through for the step-by-step process.